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Toddler Karate

This class is designed specifically for your little ninja. We focus on core skills such as following directions, taking turns, and safe play. We also work on developing self-confidence and teach how to recognize un-safe adults based on their actions and words. The completion of this program gives them a head start into our kids beginner karate program

Kids Karate

Our kids program is for ages 5-12. In addition to learning the art of Pinan-Do karate, we work to develop confidence, and discipline in your child. When they reach the advanced classes, we work on leadership skills 

Adult Karate

As an adult you will study the art of Pinan-Do karate, which is a blend of two traditional styles, Okinawa Kenpo and Kyokushin. These style have a lineage that goes back to the father of modern karate "Gishin Funakoshi. We have a curriculum that teaches real life application to the techniques within the traditional forms. We incorporate both these applications and set self defense as well as sparring and base level ground defense. We keep the environment friendly and welcoming to all. You are never too old to start your martial arts journey. 

Special Needs Karate

At Phoenix No Limits Karate, there truly are no limits to what you can accomplish. We have a strong program for both children and adults that have additional needs. We help to instill confidence and self reliance in all of our students. 

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